Monday, 15 July 2013

pompe à chaleur de piscine
Gone are the days, when weather had affected the decision of going to the swimming pool. Now there is no need to say no to your swimming pool every time when it's winter. You can enjoy swimming with your friends and family irrespective of the weather outside. The invention of pool heating pump has provided an easier way to heat the swimming pool. Owing to these pool heaters, it has become convenient to get the desired temperature of the water even during winters.

pompe à chaleur de piscine[Pool heat pump] uses electricity to harness the heat present in the surrounding. The water present in the swimming pool passes through the filter of the pump. The fan of the pump, then draws the hot air outside and directs it over the evaporator coil. Inside this coil lies liquid refrigerant that absorbs the heat from the air and transform it into gaseous form. This gas, then passes into the compressor and then enters into the compressor. Through the compressor, it enters condenser and transfers the heat of the warm gas into the cooler pool water. Heat pumps that have higher efficiency usually have use scroll compressors rather than the reciprocal compressors of standard units. When using électrolyseur au sel[salt chlorinators] with gas or electric heat pumps, care should be taken to ensure that the production of chlorine is adjusted according to the size of the pool, as the heaters internal components can be damaged by excessive chlorine levels.

Before purchasing a heat pump pool heater, you should consider following points:
  • Compatibility of the size of the pump to that of the swimming pool
  • Efficiency of the chauffage piscine[pool heating] pumps
  • Costs of the pumps offered by different vendors
One can also opt environmental friendly heating pumps that are much more efficient than the ones that operate on gas, electric, or oil heating. Further, it is also an economical means as it is not expensive. The utility offered by these heating pumps makes them a must-have.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

pompe à chaleur de piscine- Un choix intelligent

pompe à chaleur de piscine
Are you tired of saying no to your swimming pool, every time when winter arrives? If yes, then it a high time when you must buy pompe à chaleur de piscine[swimming pool heat pump]. You can enjoy swimming with your friends and family even when the temperature outside is low using these innovative heaters. chauffage de piscine[Pool heating] has never been simpler before due these swimming pool heat pumps. From fulfilling the requirement of a family to commercial purposes, all have witnessed the usefulness of these heating pumps.

The main components of a pool heat pump are heat exchanger, a condenser and a compressor. Together, they harness heat in the air to raise the temperature of the water. These water pumps are also affected by the temperature outside. Higher the temperature outside, more time is required to attain the desired temperature. As soon as the temperature outside drops, these swimming pool heat pumps start operating. Then afterwards, they itself shut down when the water temperature reaches an appropriate level. It is important to keep in mind that the working of these pumps depends upon the size of the pompe à chaleur piscine[heat pump pool]. Therefore, they must be purchase according to the size of the pumps.

While purchasing these heat pumps one can go for the once that are equipped with Titanium heat exchangers. Such exchangers are more resistant and reliable material than the others. Scroll compressors are also more advisable to buy than ordinary ones, as they are economical better. Last but not the least, make sure to choose either a 3 phase, Single Phase or Inverter, depending on the electrical supply capacities of your property. So, without any further delay buy these water pump heaters for your swimming pool and enjoy leisure time with your loved ones.